Like all other states in the United States, the DMV is also present in Vermont. The function of DMV Vermont is the same as all other DMVs, and DMV Vermont is responsible mainly for issuing the driving license and process related to the vehicle’s registration. You can access the official website of DMV Vermont under the Vermont Government website. This website has all the services associated with the Vermont administration. If you wish to obtain any specific service related to DMV Vermont, you can go ahead and click on the Online Services tab. Before we move any further, one thing to note is that the DMV Vermont operates under the Vermont Law Enforcement Agency & Department of Revenue.

Services Provided by DMV Vermont

DMV Vermont offers a host of services under the Vermont Law enforcement and Department of Revenue. The services that you can avail of from DMV Vermont are listed below.

  • Registration of Boat
  • Registration of Vehicle
  • Issuance of New Driver License
  • Renewal of Driver License
  • Issuance of Duplicate Driver License
  • Reprint of the Driver License
  • Updating Emergency Contact on the Driver License.
  • Maintenance of Crash Report & Driver History Record
  • Issuance of ID, Commercial Driver License, and Learner Driver Permit
  • List of  DMV Vermont Office

    DMV Addison DMV Bennington DMV Caledonia DMV Chittenden
    DMV Rutland DMV Washington DMV Windsor

How to Renew Driver’s License Renewal in DMV Vermont?

The best thing about DMV Vermont is that the state supports the online renewal of the driver’s license. You can certainly walk into the DMV Vermont to get the renewal processed, but no one loves standing in the long queues. We recommend renewing the driver’s license in DMV Vermont via an online method to avoid this inconvenience. The steps are listed below.

  • You need to visit the DMV Vermont Online Renewal website.
  • This portal can renew your driver’s license, commercial driver’s license, commercial learner permit, and State ID card. So, click on Renew Button under Step 1 mentioned on the website. You can renew the license 180 days before the expiry.
  • Once you click on the renew button, the website will display a form on the DMV Vermont website. Fill in all the details in the form. Having your present driver’s license ready will help fill out those details.
  • Move on to the next step, and here, you will be asked to pay the fee. You can use your credit card to pay the fee and complete the renewal of the driver’s license at DMV Vermont.
  • After the process is complete, DMV Vermont will mail you the new license, ID, or permit to your mailing address within the next 30 days.
  • The temporary license is valid for 30 days, and if you opted for a temporary license, you could print it immediately.
  • If you would like to reprint the driver’s license, you can visit the same website and click on the Reprint button. Enter your details on the next page, and your driver’s license will be ready for prints.

FAQ’s About DMV Vermont

Q: How Can I Reinstate Driver License After Suspension?

Ans: If you wish to reinstate your driver’s license, you need to either serve jail time or wait for the suspension time. After that, you need to attend DUI School and submit a Request for Reinstatement along with other documents and SR-22 insurance. You would also need to get the interlock installed, and after that, you need to visit DMV Vermont to submit the fee and get the license reinstated. If the driver’s license were suspended for over a year, you would need to take the driving test, knowledge test, vision test, and road test again.

Q: Can I Drive in Vermont After the Driver License has Expired?

Ans:Yes, DMV Vermont offers a grace period of 60 days after the expiry of the driver’s license. During this time, you should get your driver’s license renewed. You can start the renewal process 180 days before the expiration, so we always recommend renewing the driver’s license before the expiry.

Q: Can I Register a Vehicle at DMV Vermont Online?

Ans: Here, we assume that you are trying to register a pre-owned vehicle with DMV Vermont. This procedure is not yet available online, and you need to visit the office in person along with the vehicle, fee, and documents to register the vehicle. You would also need to complete this within 30 days of the move.

Q: How Much Do I Need to Pay for Vehicle Registration at DMV Vermont?

Ans: The fee for the registration depends on the type of vehicle you have. We recommend referring to the calculation sheet at DMV to find the exact amount.

Q: My Credit Card Has Been Charged Twice While Renewal Application. What Should I Do?

Ans: If you notice multiple transactions on the credit card, but the process was not completed, then there is nothing to worry about. All the other transactions will be reversed in 7 business days.

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