DMV, also known as the Department of Motor Vehicle, is the government agency responsible for driving license & vehicle registration-related tasks. This agency is managed at a state level, and it is the same in many other countries. To understand it better, you can consider DMV as a generic term used for the agencies that offer driving licenses & registration-related services. In some of the states in the United States, these functions may be managed by different agencies, but all of them fall under the umbrella of the DMV.

As per the Uniform Vehicle Code of the country, the DMV is used for the Department of Motor Vehicle, which is responsible for regulating the driving license, vehicle registration & other similar services. We will not get into the details of how it is managed since our primary goal is to get the services from DMV and not to understand the organizational structure.

Services Provided by Departments of Motor Vehicles

DMV has a broad scope, but there are some services which DMV offers and is recognized for. In this section, you will find the details about the same. We have covered some of those standard services below, so go ahead and check them out now and understand the major categories of the services offered by the DMV.

  • Driver Certification – Most of the states require you to undergo training to acquire the skills, and this is one of the steps of getting the license. DMV regulates all the driving schools, and it also supervises the driving certification to ensure that the proper training is given to the learner.
  • Driver Licenses – One of the most important functions of the DMV is to offer a driving license. This is made in the form of a card, and it is an identification stating that the person is eligible to drive the car. The license also endorses the type of vehicle the driver is eligible to drive. Services related to driving licenses like the new issue, renewal, duplicate license issuance are offered by DMV.
  • Vehicle Registration – It is mandatory for a vehicle to be registered and has an identification number. This number is provided by the DMV after the registration has been done. The registration also tracks the odometer history and other crime-related history associated with the vehicle. Most of the time, DMV allows third parties to issue the vehicle registration, and these parties include car dealers as well.
  • Vehicle Ownership – Vehicle registration is one thing, and the ownership of the vehicle is different. DMV is also responsible for issuing the vehicle’s Title, and it can vary from one state to another. Besides regular bikes, cars & trucks, DMV is also responsible for certifying boats, off-roading vehicles, and mobile homes.
  • Law Enforcement – DMV also ensures that the laws regarding motor vehicles are followed. This can be monitored and imposed with the help of the local and state police, and DMV has the authority to suspend the license or impose a penalty for non0adherence.
  • Liquor ID – In some states, to ensure that the minors are not drinking, DMV also issues a liquor ID. The person requires this to buy liquor, which is an excellent step. In the states where this process is followed, DMV is also responsible for liquor ID.

Popular Services Provided by Departments of Motor Vehicles

In this section, we have listed all the services provided by the DMV. Now, you can obtain most of these services online, but some are not available online. It is advisable to check the required section or the official DMV website to understand the delivery of the services. Let us now check out the services offered by the DMV.

  • Vehicle Registration
    • Renewal of Registration
    • Change of Name or Address
    • Title Transfer
    • New Registration of Vehicle
    • License Plate Information
    • Issuance of Notice of Transfer & Release of Liabilities
    • Payment of Suspension Fee
    • Registration Card Replacement/Issue of Duplicate Card
    • Smog Inspection
  • Driver License & ID Card
    • Application for New ID
    • Renewal of ID/License
    • Change of Name or Address
    • Permit for Certain Services
    • Replacement of Driver License
  • Vehicle Industry Services
    • Submission of Dealer & Sales Tax
    • Occupational Licensing Services
  • Driver Education Program
    • Information of Driving Education program

State Wise List of  DMV Office

DMV Alabama DMV Louisiana DMV Ohio
DMV Alaska DMV Maine DMV Oklahoma
DMV Arizona DMV Maryland DMV Oregon
DMV Arkansas DMV Massachusetts DMV Pennsylvania
DMV California DMV Michigan DMV Rhode Island
DMV Colorado DMV Minnesota DMV South Carolina
DMV Connecticut DMV Mississippi DMV South Dakota
DMV Delaware DMV Missouri DMV Tennessee
DMV Florida DMV Montana DMV Texas
DMV Georgia DMV Nebraska DMV Utah
DMV Hawaii DMV Nevada DMV Vermont
DMV Idaho DMV New Hampshire DMV Virginia
DMV Illinois DMV New Jersey DMV Washington
DMV Indiana DMV New Mexico DMV West Virginia
DMV Iowa DMV New York DMV Wisconsin
DMV Kansas DMV North Carolina DMV Wyoming
DMV Kentucky DMV North Dakota  

FAQ’s About Departments of Motor Vehicles

Q: Can I Schedule an Appointment at DMV?

A: Yes, you can schedule an appointment at DMV using the official website of DMV in your state. It is always recommended to visit the DMV after you have scheduled the appointment and not otherwise. You can visit the DMV without scheduling an appointment, too, but the wait time can vary depending on the queue.

Q: Is There a Grace Period for Driving License After Expiry?

A: No, there is no grace period for a driving license after expiry. If you are found driving a car with an expired driving license, you will be penalized. To avoid such a situation, it is always better to renew the driving license a month or two before it expires.

Q: What is the Fee for Various Services at DMV?

A: The fee for the services at DMV varies depending on the services you need, and it also depends on the state you are in. To get the correct information, please visit the official website of DMV of your state and find the option to check the fee under the relevant category. This is the most accurate method to find the fee associated with various services at DMV.

Q: Can I Renew the Vehicle Registration or Driver Registration online?

A: Yes, the renewal of vehicle registration and driving license is available online in most states, and the process is pretty simple. The vehicle registration renewal is divided into two different types (simple & complex). Suppose you are availing of the Simple Renewal of the Vehicle Registration. In that case, you will be able to get the services online, but in the case of the complex renewal, you can start the process online, and eventually, you will have to visit the DMV Office.

Q: While Selling the Vehicle, Can I Transfer the Title Online?

A: The transfer of Title is usually sensitive, and many can misuse it. In such a case, most of the DMV allow you to initiate the request online but eventually, you will have to visit the DMV to avail of the Transfer of the Title Services.